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  • Support units are composed of a bearing housing, bearing, holding lid, seal, lock nut and set screws. The support units can be used on fixed and supported ends of ball screws, which mounts the ball screw in the desired posion. Its compact size is easy to install, especially in the narrow space.

  • Since the bearings are greased and adjusted to the suitable postion, there is no need for additional alignment or installation processes, which reduces installation time and maintenance.

  • Ball screws support unit can be applied to automation and industrial machinery, classified BK, BF, EK, EF, FK, FF type.

  • Assembled with high accuracy and stiff angular bearings.

  • Anti-rust surface

  • Compact size and easy installation in tight ir narrow spaces

  • instant installation without additional processes

  • Multiple sizes and types available

  • Total solution-Available to ship with ball screw assembly

Types of Support and Suggest Diameter Of Ball Screw


Fixed End Model Floated End Model Suggested Shaft Diameter
Flange Type Square Type Flange Type Square Type
EK6 FF6 EF6 Ø4、Ø6
FK8 EK8 FF8 EF8 Ø8、Ø10、Ø12
FK10 EK10 BK10 FF10 EF10 BF10 Ø10、Ø12、Ø14、Ø15
FK12 EK12 BK12 FF12 EF12 BF12 Ø14、Ø15、Ø16
FK15 EK15 BK15 FF15 EF15 BF15 Ø18、Ø20
BK17 BF17 Ø20、Ø25
FK20 EK20 BK20 FF20 EF20 BF20 Ø25、Ø28
FK25 EK25 BK25 FF25 EF25 BF25 Ø32、Ø36
FK30 BK30 FF30 BF30 Ø36、Ø40
BK35 BF35 Ø40、Ø45、Ø50
BK40 Ø50、Ø55


Feature table

Fixed End/Angular Contact Ball Bearings Floated End/Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Support Unit Model Bearing Model Axial K (kgf/µm) Support Unit Model Bearing Model Radial
Ca (kgf) Ca (kgf) Coa (kgf)
EK6 706ATDFP5 273 2.9 EF6FF6 606ZZ 231 88
EK8FK8 708ATDFP5 450 5.4 EF8FF8 606ZZ 231 88
BK10EK10FK10 7000ATDFP5 620 6.6 BF10EF10FF10 608ZZ 335 142
BK12EK12FK12 7001ATDFP5 679 10.6 BF12EF12FF12 6000ZZ 465 200
BK15EK15FK15 7002ATDFP5 775 11.5 BF15EF15FF15 6002ZZ 570 289
BK17 7203ADTFP5 1397 12.7 BF17 6203ZZ 979 469
BK20 7004ATDFP5 1295 14.2 BF20 6004ZZ 958 515
EK20FK20 7204ATDFP5 1820 15.8 EF20FF20 6204ZZ 1300 702
BK25EK25FK25 7205ATDFP5 2060 19.4 BF25EF25FF25 6205ZZ 1430 800
BK30FK30 7206ATDFP5 2856 19.8 BF30FF30 6206ZZ 1989 1152
BK35 7207ATDFP5 3794 26 BF35 6207ZZ 2621 1560
BK40 7208ATDFP5 4498 27.5 BF40 6207ZZ 2968 1815


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